Before you get out and go, make sure you know what you need, both stuff-wise and information-wise.

Seattle Bus Chick’s Bus Bag list is a great start if you’re putting together a must-have list for being out and about.

Before getting on your bike, be sure you know Oregon’s bicycle laws! If you’re not sure about anything (or everything), check out the BTA’s Legal Resources and Ray Thomas’s. handbook For more hands-on learning, attend one of the BTA Legal Clinics, or take a League of American Bicyclists Traffic Skills 101 course from a certified instructor.

Metro and the City of Portland both offer comprehensive bicycle maps and suggested bike routes, and Metro also offers suggested walk routes. Metro’s Bike There map, part of their Bike There education and encouragement program, is $9 at local retailers and they also offer a zoomable online version. The Walk There book, at $9.95, offers suggested walks around the metro area (each individual walk is also available for download). Portland city bike maps are free and can be requested online or by phone, and are frequent giveaways at community events.